LEO Horoscope Week February 22 - 28, 2015: Love, Career and Health Forecast - Difficulties in love are possible

LEO Weekly Horoscope Forecast February 22 - 28 In this week you are not afraid to take risks; however you can expect setbacks caused by impulsiveness or impatience. At home, you tend to rule the roost. Marital quarrels are likely.

You have strong desires and can be romantically assertive or even aggressive. In love, the thrill of the chase is often more exciting than the outcome.

LEO Horoscope Week February 22 - 28 Difficulties in love are possible through flirtatious behavior or infidelity, obviously.

Difficulties can arise with others through moody and reactive behavior. You experience periods of feeling susceptible and vulnerable to external influences.

This week, Leo have the capability to feel at ease in most social situations and are able to form harmonious and fortunate connections with people.
Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2015 Love Money
2015 Leo Weekly Astrology Forecast

It is possible that you may be attracted to unusual domestic arrangements, such as communal living.

If you are hoping to marry or form a business partnership, you would still have to discuss money and decide how you will keep checkbooks and handle taxes, investments, and credit cards, and so forth.

On the work front, you shall be brimming with enthusiasm as your present tasks will be to your liking.

However, some of you who may be seeking a job change, would be advised to refrain from doing so as the phase is not too conducive for it.

In the second half of the month, the time will be right to implement all your well laid out plans. 

LEO Horoscope Prediction February 22 - 28 Mercury transits your solar seventh house. 

Leo tend to weigh the pros and cons of every issue during this cycle, taking into account others' needs as well as your own. Some indecisiveness is possible now, simply because you naturally entertain opposing viewpoints.

By the February 22nd when Venus and Mars join forces, the competitive side of your nature is alive and well, in a playful and pleasant way. Enthusiasm builds, your interest in the world outside of your own routines expands, and your desire to learn about new things is strong. 

Ineffective training classes, business travel, mandates from the legal department, employee bigotry, religious holidays, political disagreements, language barriers, etc. could be causing a big drop in productivity levels.  

LEO Astrological Horoscope Week February 22 - 28 You could also find that travel-related illness, exotic diets, foreign foods are causing you some health problems. 

Is an especially innovative time, but can be a little too undirected or excitable until the February 24-25, when you're ready to see what is truly doable, given practical considerations and limitations. 

You are becoming more and more disciplined these days, particularly when it comes to creative efforts, and the benefits of this are especially evident now.

At work, after February 23 through March, you may be working hard on a project that is based in a foreign country, especially in late month. 

You will find you do very well, and the applause for work well done will be thunderous near February 23-25 and the days leading to those dates. It may be a publishing or broadcasting assignment, or you may work on an academic goal. 

LEO Horoscope Week February 22 - 28 It would be hard to fail, dear Leo - gather up your confidence and be strong. You are getting the respect and admiration that you long deserved. 

You can start new romantic relationships, agree to begin seeing each other exclusively, get engaged, and maybe even get married.  This is also a good time for starting jobs that pay commissions, royalties, stock options, tips/gratuities, or other forms of profit sharing. 

You can become very impatient with others and provoke them without realizing it; do not hesitate to apologize later if you are too sharp with someone. Challenging physical activities, athletics, and competitions  suit you well.