Free Tarot Oracle February 2015, bad luck - Knight Of Coins: you are advice to return back the money and end the lending at other person's side

Knight Of Coins 25 February 2015 Tarot Free Reading

This card has three general meanings, all clearly visible and may generally be applied to this card's meaning. First one is: representing work and effort in the material realm, sits quietly upon his horse unlike the other knights who ride with careless energy towards their goals.

This card is a symbol of care, diligence, and responsibility in the world. There is an uncultivated farming field in the scenery behind the Knight's figure.

This puts more effort on the meaning that Knight somehow has a pending responsibility, a pending duty, an important work that he has to complete.

The sky is clear and sun is shining, this means it's around afternoon as depicted in the picture of this card.
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The second meaning is: representing a period of silence, a break when one stops doing any important work or a job and pays attention to the amount of tiredness he has gained and amount of awareness he has lost while doing an intensive work.

From this resting period, he brings some amusement for satisfaction.

This individual takes some time out from the work and obtains rest, reflection, and entertainment.

This replenishes his lost energy and afterwards, he can go forward to do that work again which he left incomplete.

This is depicted in the picture of the card in which the Knight quietly sits on the horse while having fun with something. He rests for sometime, and after some time he goes on towards his destination.

Knight Of Coins tarot card advises a person to have a replenishing break from the work and enjoy the world in that free time, or utilize that time for a nap. This will replenish his lost awareness and will bring him back to another fresh start.

The third meaning is hidden deep into the meaning of the entire picture: The Knight is depicted as if he is giving a material object to the another person who is not in the scene.

This would possibly mean that the Knight of pentacles card is advising the individual to give something to the another person; whether a gift, or any object which may or may not belong to the first person.

If you have borrowed something from the other person and its too long that you have still kept it, you are advice to return the thing to the person where the thing actually belongs to. If you have borrowed money from someone, you are advice to return back the money and end the lending at other person's side.

It may or may not help you but this is an actual hidden meaning in this card.

There's no other card which would indicate this meaning.

The card also reminds pointing towards another person, that the other person had borrowed something from you and it's a right time now for you to get your thing or money back from him.

Knight Of Coins Tarot Meanings:

To honestly return back what belongs solely to others and likewise do the penance, to give away things back to their original respective owners, to honestly give back the object to where it belongs because this can be the only penance for the sin of stealing or forcibly keeping the things of others, an extrovert human being, to return back the money borrowed from others and thereafter to end the contract without facing any danger or any lawsuit, to give away, to grant, to sell off, to share your owned objects, to fulfill the promise you had honestly made to others, to not to forget the promise or the oath you had made for yourself.