CANCER Horoscope Week February 15 - 21, 2015: Love, Career and Health Forecast for CANCER sign

Astrological reading for Cancer sign Week 15 to 21 February 2015. 

Love Horoscope, Career and Health Forecast for Cancer.

Cancer the Crab (June 21 to July 22), the sign of cardinal water. Cancer is famed for its emotional acuity, sympathetic nature, and love of home.

Love affairs absorb you, but you’re most comfortable in a committed, traditional relationship. Shyer than you appear to be, you long for someone with whom you share a soul connection.

Cancer Astrological reading February 15 - 21 When you feel cherished and recognized, you’re utterly devoted and supportive. When you feel insecure, it’s another matter.

Week 15 to 21 February 2015 is conducive for you to fall head over heels in love.

This is the time to forge the sweet connection of love which you had been yearning for. However, there is a strong possibility that you shall expect too much from this relationship.
CANCER Astrology Horoscope Week February 15 - 21
Cancer 2015 Weekly Astrology  Horoscope

This may seem natural to you but the same cannot be expected from your love partner.

You may vie for a strong commitment from your partner for which your partner may not be ready yet.

CANCER Horoscope Week February 15 - 21 Such will be your strong desire for love and commitment that you shall not even mind the absence of a similar kind of passion and commitment from your partner.

You and your partner might have experienced a great deal of confusion or disagreement around a joint financial situation.

Perhaps you are struggling to pay down debt and you can't seem to find a workable plan for both of you.

Or, you might feel tangled about whether or not to put your money together in an investment.

When Cancer meets Scorpio, Cancer feels an instant connection to Scorpio that cannot be explained. This combination has what it takes to make a family, children and a future together.

Give one another occasional space and you might have met a dream love who will forever be faithful, affectionate and devoted to you, Cancer.

This may be a concern if the relationship is fairly new, but still quite serious. This week, you'll begin to get somewhere in your discussions together.

More casual relationships and committed partnerships are somehow intertwined, and this could mean that you're more able to bring a spirit of fun and romance to a partnership, or stability and steadiness to a casual relationship.

You'll want to give love in the most open hearted way possible -- purely, like a child.

This is a good thing, and it will help you overcome any resistance that your curmudgeonly, grown-up self may attempt to put up.

Cancer Astrological reading February 15 - 21 The lines between committed and casual might blur in a pleasant, doable manner.

Consider this your month to regain control of your finances in all ways.

Decisions you make will be important, and you may have the potential for long term results.

Do all of your research until after February 18.

The mood turns towards music, poetry, and love songs.  Cancer longs for a dreamy romance and in fact, you could dream about your future partner.

We are more sympathetic and inclined towards attraction to romantic affairs and ready to give anyone a chance, two, or three.

Cancer Astrological reading February 15 - 21 Early in the month finances take centre stage with some of you completing on a property matter and others experiencing something of a shortfall: either way this is the moment to set finances on a better course.

Answers will come regarding a relationship, although they might not appear when you expect them.

With this in mind, wait until the February 20th before issuing an ultimatum or simply telling someone how you feel.