Astrology Birth Chart Analysis: Natal Horoscope Birthday March 9, 2015 - Emotionally, you have a need for love and tenderness

Your Natal Chart report is an astrological chart based on the mathematically  positions of the planets and the Sun & Moon at the time, date and place of your birth.

This Natal Horoscope is a general horoscope. This horoscope, ignores the region and time of birth. For an accurate horoscope, contact us. 

Astrology Birth Chart Analysis: Natal Horoscope Birthday March 9, 2015

1. Sun in Pisces Birth Chart Analysis

You have a sensitive and emotional nature with a great depth of feeling and empathy. Those born on March 9 have genuine concern for the needs of others and possess a high degree of tolerance and a readiness to forgive. Deeply caring, sympathetic and compassionate, you tend to believe in the best of others. You have a great deal of imagination. A born romantic and dreamer, you often harbour unspoken longings and yearnings. You are, at times, elusive and evasive; to such an extent that people can find you hard to pin down. Those born on March 9 dislike confrontations and tend to avoid strict routines and restrictions.

2. Moon in Libra Birth Chart Analysis
Natal Horoscope Prediction Birthday March 9 2015

Above all, you desire harmony and equality in your personal and social relationships. You enjoy company and social activity. Emotionally, you have a need for love and tenderness and will tend to form partnerships throughout your life to satisfy this. Those born on March 9 value peace in your domestic life. You can, on occasion, be superficial with your feelings and reckless in your emotional life.

3. Mercury in Aquarius Natal Horoscope March 9, 2015

Those born on March 9 have a modern, contemporary and progressive outlook on life. An ideas person, you think up original ways to tackle life's problems. You have an excellent intuition and a quick mind. You are mentally stimulating, but can also be intellectually arrogant, provocative and prone to fixed opinions. At times, you are impersonal and aloof.

4. Neptune in Pisces Natal Horoscope March 9, 2015

Those born on March 9, 2015 are part of a 14 year group of people that are very intuitive, receptive, and imaginative. The arts and music are very important to your age group, and they flourish with your support, talent, and contributions. There is a rich and varied abundance of artistic and musical productivity from your age group.

All manner of religions and psychic investigations grow as well. There is a great interest in ultimate questions and answers and also in phenomena that do not seem to be explicable by scientific concepts. Mysticism is on the rise with your age group. The spiritual qualities of compassion and sacrifice are also highly valued and are more openly honored and respected than by other age groups. Spiritual and emotional sensitivity are so strong that there is a problem of escapism through alcohol and drugs, which is likely to increase during your generation.

5. Neptune in 9th house Natal Horoscope March 9, 2015

Those born on March 9, 2015 love to dream, fantasize, and speculate. You are willing to entertain the most far fetched ideas and philosophies, since to you anything is possible.

Anything exotic, alien, or faraway holds a great attraction for you. You can have very otherworldly beliefs which are quite impractical and irrelevant to your everyday existence.

6. Pluto in Capricorn Natal Horoscope Forecast

You are part of a 15 year group of people who have a very strong practical and realistic attitude towards life. You are an ambitious group also and you work hard to improve business, commerce, and other practical affairs. There always seems to be lots of hard work that needs to be done when your generation comes around, and your generation is ready and willing to
do it.

Those born on March 9 age group is marked by its precociousness and seriousness. However, it is also as if you were somehow cut off from many of your inner feelings. There is very little of the "child" in most members of your age group, and you have a much cooler, more detached attitude to life than other age groups. You are mature, but also rather aloof. You are ethical but tend to lack empathy and heart. For many members of your age group, it is as if they were cut off from their deeper, emotional side.

7. Pluto in 6th house Birth Horoscope Forecast

Those born on March 9, 2015 can become obsessed with your health, self-improvement and personal development. The psychological elements of disease interest you, and you may endlessly psychoanalyze yourself and others.

Also, you may work compulsively and exhaust yourself through overwork. You can be a tyrant with co-workers, and it may be easier for you to work in solitude

8. Sun Sextile Pluto 3 28'S Birth Horoscope Forecast

You are motivated by the desire for power, which you can harness at will and put to good use. Possessing natural leadership and organisational abilities, you are usually able to persuade others to follow your lead. You are a determined person who usually manages to get your own way through will-power and a belief in oneself. At certain junctures in your life, you will feel the pressure to transform and re-invent yourself by taking on new identities after old ones have served their purpose.

9. Moon Trine Mercury 5 09'S Birth Horoscope Forecast

Your thoughts are influenced by your feelings and vice versa. You are highly perceptive and can easily sense the moods and feelings of others. Your mind is both fertile and imaginative and hungry for knowledge. You are an instinctual student and teacher, whose understanding of a subject is emotionally based. Articulate and able to impart knowledge effortlessly, you have a good memory and may be a good storyteller.

10. Moon Square Ascendant 2 01'A natal Horoscope predictions

Readily adaptable, you will bend over backwards to accommodate others and cater to their needs. You have natural warmth, coupled with an ability to make others feel at ease in your company. Women play an important role in your life and you will have many contacts with them. Alternatively, you can be overly sensitive and touchy, and changeable and inconsistent towards others. Difficulties can arise with others through moody and reactive behaviour. You experience periods of feeling susceptible and vulnerable to external influences. Your relationship with your mother may be testing at times.

11. Mercury Sextile Venus 4 19'S Horoscope prediction

Your thoughts are more often than not on love and relationships. You need to share your ideas and affections with those who are close to you. You have a pleasant manner and easily interact with others. You enjoy social activity and are good company because of your sense of fun. You have a creative intellect and an eye for beauty and artistic design. You may also have talents as a speaker or writer.

12. Ascendant in Cancer Natal Horoscope Predictions Horoscope prediction

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You are sensitive and emotional; however you can also be over-sensitive and easily hurt by people. You are receptive to the needs of others and have a natural desire to care for or protect people. Family and domestic matters are always important to you and your home is your retreat and sanctuary. At times, you are susceptible to changeable moods, irritability and touchiness.