2015 Unlucky DAYS IN 2015 BY Horoscope: 2015 Bad Luck from Pisces to Sagittarius

Astrology Zone 2015 bad luck days for Pisces sign

Pisces starts 2015 with more energy. During 2015 they were part of events difficult, but it will be a good year overall.

The 5 days with bad luck in 2015:

April 16 - You will have more work to do and while you have the best intentions, it will be difficult to finish projects started earlier.

May 21 - It is possible to argue very strongly with the beloved, so think twice before you open your mouth.

June 18 - fails to transmit to those around you want, so that there will be conflict situations.
Astrology Zone 2015 Unlucky DAYS IN 2015

August 3 - You are accused not finish the job on time, but you know that you did everything you could, so I think it's just a storm will pass.

September 9 - Do you need a holiday period, especially after the day that fatigue will make you wrong or foolish to make decisions.

Astrology Zone 2015 bad luck days for Aquarius sign

In early'll be able to fulfill your many wishes from previous years. Take advantage of the this time!

The 5 days with bad luck in 2015:

May 19 - Your energy is at the low and fail to take anything out. Time to relax!

July 14 - It's not a good day for talks with the beloved. Avoid if you can, to talk about anything you find important.

August 28 - It's the end of the month in which you took things hard and pissed you very much. This day will be no exception.

September 16 - It seems that nothing goes wrong on every level: financial or in love. Remember that nothing is forever.

October 21 - Attention to business partners, because their intentions are not in your favor!

Astrology Zone 2015 bad luck days for Capricorn sign

Change is the watchword for you in 2015. Although it will be difficult sometimes, anything new has its good parts.

The 5 days with bad luck in 2015:

April 3 - You've been working a lot lately, so do not give up on this day to an important project, just because of pride.

May 28 - The feeling that you do anything right not leave you alone. Do not be alarmed, it is only because of fatigue. Rest!

August 13 - Do not react impulsively and take things easy! You will not solve anything if you argue
with people at home.

September 10 - The day that you need a lot of patience in order not to conflict with others.

October 17 - Financial problems did not expect that seem to capture your thoughts. Talk to a specialist to remove it at the end.

Astrology Zone 2015 bad luck days for Sagittarius sign

It will not be an easy year, as Saturn enters your sign. With patience you will overcome delicate situations.

The 5 days with bad luck in 2015:

May 19 - A day when everyone around you angry and fail to take anything out.

May 27 - The month of May is not among those in which to enjoy the harmony. Attention to family relationships!

September 25 - A day that if gathered all the recent problems, both at work and in family plan.

October 15 - All sorts of obstacles will stand in your way, so you better do not propose big plans,

December 19 - unfinished business gathered and be made all at once. You feel that you choke, of so many things to do.