2015 Astro-fashion: your style, depending on the Zodiac sign from Virgo to Aries

How To Dress According to The Zodiac - Horoscope Fashion tips & tricks

Virgo woman (Beyonce and Blake Lively) horoscope fashion style

Features:'re a girl orderly, punctual and perfectionist. Appreciate things well made and not ever stray from your rules.

Fashion style: best match your geometric prints, especially the tartan that is fashionable this season.

Leo woman (Jennifer Lopez and Madonna) horoscope fashion style

Features: I like being in the spotlight and the attention of the whole world. 2nd place is not for you, you're like fire wherever you are, all the attention is on you.

Fashion style: bling Blige. It must be bright, just like your personality sequined dresses, blouses golden jewelry with massive stones, leopard print shoes. And do not forget tiara!
astrology zone How To Dress According to The Zodiac

Cancer woman (Selena Gomez, Charlotte Gainsbourg) horoscope fashion style

Features:'re super-sensitive and very attached to her family and friends. You will fight to the end for them.

Fashion style: fragile because you're a girl, your clothes fit massive natural coloring or powdered, to protect you from the weather outside and negative feelings.

Gemini woman (Bar Refaeli and Natalie Portman) horoscope fashion style

Woman-twin features:'re a girl very communicative and relaxed, chief representative of the generation Y.

Fashion style: best suits colorful fashion styles, with shirts with mesje, colored jeans, heavy jewelry.

Taurus woman (Laetitia Casta and Jessica Alba) horoscope fashion style

Features: You're a materialistic girl because money is the source that provides you with pleasure. Born in spring, your sign is the sign of fertility.

Fashion style: romantic, flowery dresses, wreaths in their hair and lace.

Aries woman (Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley) horoscope fashion style

Features: You want to do everything as a professional, both in his professional and private croak. You're a fighter and do everything to fulfill your goals, even if sometimes you have to step over others.

Fashion style: sporty chic. Your body should feel casual attire chosen in order to have full freedom of movement.