Wiki Horoscope Forecast February 8 to 14, 2015: Karma Numbers - 4, 11, 15, 22, 40

Weekly Horoscope Forecast Aries February 8 to 14, 2015

Consolidate your team of friends and family members now, and see clearly who your truest supporters are.

Someone you've been relying on for support — whether a hired gun or a friend — could suddenly become less available. The truth is, you may be ready to upgrade to a more appropriate source of help.

Feelings may run rampant for a few weeks, but life will settle down to a subdued roar and thunder, leaving you to feel like you could succeed at just about anything.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast Taurus February 8 to 14, 2015

If stressed or overburdened, this is your year to relax and work from a calmer, internally quiet place. All desire is not loud and hyperactive.
2015 Horoscope Forecast Oracle February 8 to 14
2015 Weekly Free Oracle Forecast

Check the flow of give and take, no matter which side of the equation you land on. If we are overly generous we could heap pressure onto the other person and cause them to get overwhelmed and back away.

Your challenge is to avoid getting scattered and then fail to sufficiently narrow down your primary goals. Focus, and work away, so that none of your valuable energy goes up in smoke.

This week wind things up financially, catch up with bills but don’t neglect those you love.

Weekly Horoscope Prediction Gemini February 8 to 14, 2015

Relationship status appears to be 'up for change' and you may find yourself having to 'talk a love interest down' from making a HUGE mistake, possibly formulated by bogus info or an outright intruder into your life, especially near the 9/10th.

Allow equilibrium to return — and remember, that sometimes we need to spell it out for people since they don’t always know what we want or need in return.

Travel for work is possible the 11th to 15th and if you must go, it does appear to be a 'low profit venture'. Avoid jealous coworkers the 10th and 13th as there MAY be some 'back stabbing energy' afoot.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast Cancer  February 8 to 14, 2015

As blazing and energetic as the year begins, you have plenty of built-in pauses to stay on track and take care of all those people and things you love.

Your desire for independence could also veer to an extreme. If you need some space, that’s understandable.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete a deadline or get from A to B, as you could meet with one or two obstacles. Opportunities for dating and fun continue to look promising.

Try viewing life through the perspective of the “other.”

This is NOT a good week for singles as there are very POOR quality match times but some isolated 'good spots' like the evening of the 13th , the mid day of the 14th and all days long the 11th/12th may throw you a 'little bone' of good fortune.

Weekly Horoscope Prediction Leo February 8 to 14, 2015

You put a great DEAL of time, work, effort, money and emotion into the 10th to 11th and your pay back for it should be somewhat impressive by maybe not in rewards or physical things but in deeper ties and 'more respect'.

Try not to worry if it feels like you're treading water. You're moving through a phase when you don't have control over everything going on around you. You'll also realize that life is an inside job, giving you tremendous power to shape your destiny.

Family demands may be weighing heavily on you; or maybe you’ve gone to the opposite extreme and isolated yourself from people. Find the middle ground.

Weekly Horoscope Prediction Virgo February 8 to 14, 2015

Romantic and emotional love are TWO very different things; do not confuse them THIS week or you'll find yourself going from the fry pan to the fire.

Small sacrifices can bring big gains.

You may feel obligated to take action regarding a career goal or personal ambition, but when it comes down to it, you might find it hard to muster the enthusiasm. By pacing yourself, at least you can make a start.

Money could flow in faster, but check that impulse spending. You could burn it as quickly as you earn it with impulsive Mars in this corner of your chart.

All you can do is 'your job' and do it well enough for YOU to be happy with YOURSELF.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast Libra February 8 to 14, 2015

Plan ahead for your weekend on Thursday.

Whether you're hoping for romance and looking for love, itching to get your shopping on or travel planning, our weekly Libra astrology predictions offer the advice you want, any time.

This week, swap it out for your juicer and dehydrator. Nourishing your body with healthy food will banish the winter blues, not to mention the seasonal diseases.

Some of the best Libra horoscope forecasts weekly are released on Thursday, so be sure to drop by for your weekend outlook, Libra.

Weekly Horoscope Oracle Scorpio February 8 to 14, 2015

Getting couple-y is a big priority now, both for business and pleasure.

There's also the potential for romance if you're open to it. You'll notice a lot more movement and excitement in your relationships.

If you’re single swan dive into the dating pool, high standards in tow.

THIS week or you'll find yourself going from the fry pan to the fire. Emotions, especially those that relate to sex, run deep, hot and rich the 9th to 10th and may even 'over lap' on those dates for a small cross section of you.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast Sagittarius February 8 to 14, 2015

The chance to excel in the workplace may come down to sharing bright ideas and a willingness to experiment with new ideas and opportunities.

If you’re in a good place with your S.O., the two of you will have lots of energy for co-created projects, marathon sexcapades, and other shared adventures. You might become workout buddies in addition to being bedroom buddies.

Having a friendship turn love interest may scare more than one of you but if it is the 'natural way of things' it may not be the scary trail you think it to be.

If you've been drifting lately, it's time to build the momentum and get going on your brightest goals and dreams. You'll be curious to explore lively new options, too.

THE only thing you must avoid and/or be 'very mindful of' is any kind of 'on the job romantic or sexual relationship' as they tend to not only NOT mix well, they can 'blow up in your FACE' this week, particularly on the 11th.

Weekly Horoscope Oracle Capricorn  February 8 to 14, 2015

This can weaken your patience but it does promise to 'lift and quit' but not until the 10st; expense goes on the rise first the 12th to 13th and then things level off and by the 14st improves nicely.

Getting your work life back into a steady groove will be another theme of the week. On Tuesday, the moon helps you review the way you spend your 9-5 each day.

You want it to be sound, reliable and 'there for you at all times' so to keep it that way, stand over it and TREAT it that way, especially the 9th and 10th and you'll be sure to have what you need and want.

You feel in your bones that it's time to put your effort into goals that you've long wanted to achieve. This is also an excellent time to indulge your love of gadgets, so think about hitting the sales.