Horoscope Zone: Signs lucky in love 2015 - Transit of Venus in Aquarius makes romantic relationships to be more intense this year

2015 Yearly love horoscope prediction

The dichotomy between self and relationship continues to be a theme in Lunar and Solar Eclipse cycles this year. On April 4, 2015, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in relationship-oriented Libra that is close to the tense, final Uranus-Pluto square (happening on March 16).

The pursuit of pleasure will reach dramatic proportions on March 3, 2015, and again on June 22, when Jupiter makes a perfect trine to Uranus

2015 Love Horoscope Luck: Sagittarius Forecast

Uranus is in Sagittarius natives house of relationships, and remains there until 2018

This brings many benefits in terms of romantic relationships.

2015 is the year in which the sign Sagittarius natives will exploit their sensuality and romance.

Those who are in a serious relationship will have romantic surprises from their partner.

Natives who have not yet found their chosen one will get much luck in this direction in the new year.

2015 is the year in which the sign Sagittarius natives will open their hearts.

2015 Love Horoscope Luck: Aquarius Forecast

2015 promises to be a good year for the house of relationships for Aquarius natives.
2015 Love Horoscope Luck Forecast Prediction
2015 Yearly Horoscope Luck

Jupiter stretches them a helping hand.

Many promises beautiful surprises for those born under this sign.

Those who are in a marriage, 2015 brings accomplishments you achieved with your partner.

They enjoy to their relationship together and what they manage to do in life couple.

Natives alone find their soul mate in the second half of the year and decide to think about a common future

Transit of Venus in Aquarius makes romantic relationships to be more intense this year.

2015 Love Horoscope Luck: Taurus prediction

Saturn leaves the house of relationships in terms of zodiac sign Taurus natives, where he was since 2012.

With such a release, house of relationships, receives fresh air and is ready for new adventures sentimental.

Those who are already in a relationship will experience beautiful moments spent with their life partner.

In some cases, promises and marriage proposals, or bringing into question the children.

Natives that are not in a relationship, is in the period in which they can develop a couple relationship.

2015 is the year that produces beautiful changes in love for the zodiac sign Taurus.

2015 Love Horoscope Luck: Libra prediction

Starting this year, Libras are willing to experience many things in romances.

Those who are already in a relationship, it will lead to the next level and will devote spouse.

There will be more attentive to the needs and desires his, and try to respect as much as possible.

This will lead to the creation of a very strong links.

Those who are not yet in a relationship, this year will be from where to choose the perfect partner.

It will be one of the best choices ever.

2015 Love Horoscope Luck: Aries oracle zone

The first part of 2015 is extremely beneficial in terms of sentimental for natives of Aries.

Jupiter is in the house of love, which means that their emotional life improves significantly.

Until August 2015, the rams experience everything you love life.

Opening them, makes them develop the couple relationship.

The more support with life partner.

Aries alone makes them attract special people around them.

Persons who are compatible in many more ways than would be expected.