Feng Shui Tips to get lucky in love 2015: Avoid the sad images, if you want to attract luck

Feng Shui specialists have a solution for those who want more action in the bedroom.

1. Tips to get lucky in love 2015: Attention to energy Southwest house

The Feng Shui, which have to take care is the Earth.

This means that your home should be elements and colors that reinforce Earth sign energy or Fire sign.

Avoid items that symbolize water, wood and metal.

Pink crystal elements are also beneficial amorous plan.

2. Tips to get lucky in love 2015: You can view the future with the man and the woman of your dreams?
Feng Shui Zone Tips to get lucky in love 2015
Wiki Feng Shui Tips to Attract romance

How looks the woman / man of your dreams?

Can you see? View your home along with the woman / man of your dreams.

How does it look, what colors are, of what smells? Avoid the sad images, if you want to attract luck in love.

In red ink and on white paper, write a list of all the qualities you think your ideal mate might possess. Is he a smart and savvy world traveler?

Or is he a homebody who loves to spend quiet evenings watching movies on the couch?

Once he looks good on paper, place your list and an image of two peonies inside a small silver box, and place the box in the relationship area of your bedroom for 49 days.

Your love life will bloom and grow faster than you can say "I do!"

3. Tips to get lucky in love 2015:  Watch the trinity bedroom kitchen bathroom

Feng shui energy must flow in these important areas of the house.

Any disequilibrium in one of them will be reflected sooner or later in  romantic relationship energy.

Place candles, bright lights or glitter lamps. The fire energy will keep the bad energy under control.

Lush green plant in the bathroom in the north  suppress the bad water energy there. They will also  help freshen the air and your spirit.

4. Tips to get lucky in love 2015: It is free space in your wardrobe?

A wardrobe airy let feng shui energy to circulate and bring with it health, opportunities and luck in love.

5. Tips to get lucky in love 2015: It is your bedroom comfortable for two people?

When you enter the bedroom, you can see the bed? Or hidden behind the door?

If the bed is not seen, Feng Shui specialists say that you're not prepared for love and hide from it.

The bedroom should be painted in warm colors, and the bed to be comfortable.

Keep fresh air in the bedroom and use essential oils Sweet - ylang-ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, to stimulate desire.