Wiki The simplest and good meditation for Taurus - Meditation methods according Signs

Best Taurus Meditation - Meditation does help manage anxiety, depression and pain

To meditate is necessary to have a space, a properly purified with incense sticks and lighted candles.

For an effective meditation, we need a pleasant atmosphere with good music.

When we choose to go into meditation we retreat in silence and take a position, through which energy can flow freely.

The body must sit relaxed in a position to help us in a deep breath, effortless.

Relaxation involves a state of alert, lucid consciousness, attention directed to each segment of the physical body, which can discover any tension, muscle contraction.

Also in this vibration we take the decision to ground you.

Not to lose contact with earth energy.

We must be open to cosmic energies.

And at the same time, we must remain conscious in this physical plane.

Relaxation during meditation, involves the willingness to give up control of the physical body rigid, his tensions.

This helps the body to stand unwavering in meditation.

A possible statement might be: "I choose to relax, to enjoy life. Life loves me and I love life, I accept physical and spiritual abundance, here and now. "

During meditation we observe and feelings, emotions.

And so we can relax completely, we choose to feel peace in our hearts.

Feelings of calmness.

You may have spells of greater than usual calmness in your meditation or after meditation.

You may even experience some reluctance to end a period of meditation.

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Bearing in mind the aspiration to move in the direction of greater calm and happiness, we simply work with whatever arises, not worrying about whether it’s a “good” meditation or a “bad” meditation.