Wiki Love Horoscope - Astral Aspects of Love for the week 17-22 November 2014

See how's your love life, according to your sign.  Find out what the stars are preparing for you in the coming period.

Romance forecasts for all signs of the zodiac are covered in-depth in these love horoscopes weekly.

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Cancer Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

No temptation shall be able to break your flow of thoughts, hence you should make the best of this time and work hard to achieve all your targets faster.

You won’t have the best sense of boundaries with the moon in your twelfth house. Monitor yourself so you don’t end the night in hot mess mode.
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Wiki Romance forecasts for all signs

On the personal front, this will be a wonderful time to start a new emotional union, or even simply start ‘seeing someone’. This is also going to be a marvellous period for all the sportsmen.

Gemini Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

Whichever way you look at it, the days ahead have great potential for romance and for enjoying life. Free?

A budding relationship could take off, because you and your love interest are contributing to social event - and having the time of your life in the process.


Channel creative energies into having fun.

Spending precious moments in blissful peace helps you recoup your energy.

Aries Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

This week you could come to the emotional rescue of someone whom you sense is having a really hard time of it.

In helping them release emotional energy, you could also discover ways of dealing with your own.

You might enjoy hosting a party or other event that encapsulates the spirit of Halloween. It's time to connect with friends old and new, and savour getting to know a special someone in more depth.

Leo Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

There is something special happening on both the romantic and relationship fronts this week, in both cases fairly subtle.

Whatever your relationship status, you'll revel in organizing parties or get-togethers, and love dressing up and being the star of the show.


Someone can seem to be the perfect date, but could have a hidden flaw.

Of course others know that your emotions run deep.

They're probably also aware that you hold on to information (and emotional baggage) that they believe you ought to have let go a long time ago.

Taurus Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

Yet there may be times - as now - that they're grateful for your recall and for your determination to avoid repeating errors.

If you're celebrating over the weekend you'll get the works - fun, passion and a chance to get to know a special someone better.

You appreciate your friendships. You're a big romantic. The fact that your friend is giving you this ultimatum says a lot about their attitude.

Romance will come first. Even so a last-minute change of weekend plans will upset an evening date.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

The start of the week is excellent for a first date or for a second or a third, as you tentatively explore your feelings for each other.

You have a way of making people realise the foolishness of leaping without looking.

Equally, you can understand why a partner wants a bit more excitement in their life.

For this reason you will be thinking of ways to spice up your love life.

Meanwhile, the weekend brings amorous delights that can take your breath away.

Virgo Love Horoscope for the week  17 - 22 November 2014

Your diplomatic approach to a contentious family situation wins you points with older relatives.

In groups, too, your words are especially persuasive now.

Leave disappointment in the past and keep on the lookout for new partnership possibilities.

A mix of luck, focused effort and help from others brings results you can all be proud of.

Just be sure to keep your principles always in sight.

Someone will take advantage of your high spirits and ask you to perform some morally questionable tasks. Refuse to do anything that goes against your conscience.