WIKI Druidic horoscope: 22 zodiac signs with names of trees - Apple, Elm, Fir Tree, Cypress and Poplar

Druidic horoscope is made up of 22 zodiac signs with names of trees.

Apart from the four signs which represents those born in the days of equinox or solstice, other signs govern the two different periods of the year, not longer than 14 days (separately).

Druidic horoscope Sign Apple: December 22 to January 1, June 25 - to July 4

People born under this sign inspires warmth.

They have a special charm because of their sensitivity.

Whether you love or passion, zodiac apple representatives remain loyal partner.

They are not selfish, but sometimes this quality  makes them  to be considered weak natures.
wiki Druidic horoscope Sign Cypress 2015
22 zodiac signs with names of trees

Another important feature of the sign is that natives like to live the present moment, without thinking too much about tomorrow.

The intellect of this sign is bigger than it looks at first sight

This is due, native curiosity to learn as many things.

Druidic horoscope Sign Fir Tree: January 2 to 11, July 5 to 14 

Natives born under the influence of this tree are delicate natures, tastes good but capricious natures.

This prevents them from easily find his place among the others, so it makes often feel alone and misunderstood.

Representatives of Fir Tree sign, are not very talkative.

But it does not means that they are easily influenced.

Pride and determination help them achieve their goals in life.

That means they are serious and reliable.

Druidic horoscope Sign Elm: January 12 to 24, July 15 to 25 

Natives do not like to complicate his life.

Most times they want balance and serenity.

Generosity, kindness, sense of responsibility and protective are basic characteristics of this sign.

Though not seems at first glance, they are very passionate people, always ready to fight for your loved one.

If representatives are treated with respect, respond in the same manner.

They know exactly how to defend itself, and the traitor will not have an easy life.

Druidic horoscope Sign Cypress: 25 January to 3 February, 26 iulie - 4 august

The natives adapts easily in front of some adverse situations.

Therefore there is something inside them that pass as severity and coldness.

It matures easy and like to be independent.

But it does not give great importance to success and money.

Representatives like to spend time around family and friends.

They avoid conflict and love peace, preferring to dream, to live in memories and reflect on life.

Druidic horoscope Sign Poplar: February 4 to 8, August 5 to 13

Representatives are afraid to a certain extent of premature aging.

They want others to look at them as a good influence.

They want to always have friends around them, otherwise suffer a lot.

The natives do not support them either limited freedom and pessimism affecting easily.

But courage and pride, it helps to pass safely over disappointments.