Wiki: Christmas Gifts by Zodiac - Horoscope Christmas gifts 2014 for all sign , Aries to Scorpio

We know that you need help to please everyone when you need to buying Christmas gifts?

Therefore, we prepared a guide depending on the sign gifts!

Here’s your go-to guide for buying gifts for your friends based on when they were born.

Gift is a way to show your love. Therefore, the perfect gift he or she loves should match his or her character or hobbies.

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Aries

Sports equipment (mountain climbing), a DVD with a good action film, cosmetics 2-in-1 (Aries women are very active and do not load the bag with dozens of cosmetics).

Aries's dream is to have a credit card that will never end ever, and with which they can buy whatever he wants.

Aries loves an adventure—depending on the daredevilish-ness of your own Aries, try a gift card for something like rock climbing or, in extreme cases, skydiving.
horoscope gift guide for chrismas
Christmas gift horoscope ideas

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Taurus

Jewelry, a cookbook with exotic  recipes, car accessory (new slipcovers banquets, audio player), good quality hair dryer  (Taurus are pretentious).

Body butter, bubble bath and other products that to make them smoother and softer skin. All these Christmas gifts will delight every native of Taurus.

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Gemini

A musical instrument, a PC game or a video game console, a journal or a personal website, a book that treats the subject unexpectedly.

Gemini will love all the devices that can provide a more enjoyable music experience.

Finally, calm the Gemini’s nervous energy with a Winter Garden bath set.

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Cancer

A fluffy bathrobe bath, massage device or a relaxing massage session, appliances.

As the list of their passions include cooking, you should not think twice before they buy anything related to the kitchen.

A mixer, blender, grater blades new or a super convoluted.

You can not go wrong with these gifts when the addressee is a passionate chef, as any native of Cancer.

The need to protect and care can make some Cancers a bit clingy, but giving them something to take care of, like this Chinese elm, is likely to be appreciated.

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Leo:

A mirror encrusted with Swarovski crystals, a subscription to a health center, an invitation into an exclusive club or a set of photos processed with him / her.

Personalize mugs, mouse pads or pillows with their picture and a special message to attract the attention of Leo.

Or you can make Christmas gifts, items necessary for journeys which make them native: travel bags, beauty case or any other useful device.

Because Leos can become a bit full of themselves, this “Get Off Your High Horse” T-shirt might be appropriate for your Leo.

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Virgo:

What else could you take a Virgin, if not a device for wiping windows or air purifying apparatus?

A great book that would help him organize his major projects.

A piece collection in a domain that him are passionate about (autograph of a football player, for example), an invitation to a day at the spa.

When choosing a Virgo gift, it is definitely the thought that counts. Don't choose something at random... take notes if you must.

2014 Horoscope Christmas Gifts for Libra:

If your lover is Libra, the best gift which you can do is to plan a weekend just for you; bubble bath with aroma aphrodisiac, jewelry, an invitation to a sophisticated and exotic restaurant.

What Christmas gifts will Libras?

Everything about beauty and body care.

Libra natives are best unexpected gifts such as creams with strong flavors or unique body treatment.

They love that you put so much thought into a gift just for them. They appreciate all the time and effort that went into the planning and making of the gift.

2014 Horoscope Christmas gifts for Scorpio:

Lingerie, scented accessories for bedrooms (candles, incense cones and lavored), exotic sweets.

As most exciting gifts will you do, the better.

Lingerie for her, toys and other accessories for it.

Or you can go on accessories that enhance personal beauty: shopping vouchers, beauty products etc.

If you want to impress Sagittarius, then we need to prepare a great adventure.

The best Christmas gift: tickets, in order to enjoy traveling alone.