Weekly Horoscope January 4 to 10, 2015 - Cancer 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Cancer 2015 Weekly Horoscope January 4 to 10, 2015

Early this week, you're simply irresistible. Use your power and influence for good.

This week, romantic Venus joins stable Saturn in your relationship sector helping you assess your romantic trajectory.

You could come on pretty strong this Monday too, so temper some of that intensity with humor so you don't alienate your supporters. Besides that, laughter really is the best medicine for your stressed out state.

The firepower required to prove your point, defend your honor, or show 'em who's boss will be so intense, it will almost surely leave some scorched earth in its wake.

When emotionally inflamed, you might not care about what you could ultimately lose by fixating on the immediate score. Later, however, you probably will.
January 4 to 10 2015  Cancer 2015 Weekly Horoscope
2015 Cancer Weekly Horoscop

Sometimes it’s good to get passions out in the open, and even better to kiss and make-up if things have become a bit stale in a relationship.

Passions seem to be heightened with Mars making so many hard aspects this week.

This could be a day of melodrama and melancholia or just very hot sex!

But this is a great opportunity to channel all that pain and passion into artistic or musical creations if you are on your lonesome.

A word of caution though: Should you decide to set off on a solo path, try not to burn bridges behind you. 

This could also be the week where you sign up for a life-changing course of study or a spiritual pilgrimage.

In your work environment, you may hear news that someone is leaving the office for greener pastures.

Or, if you employ others, you might have to let someone go who hasn't been doing their job well.

Either way, you'll feel sentimental about this situation.

'Growing beyond' does not mean leaving behind a mess of unfinished tasks, unanswered questions, unattended-to practicalities, and/or underperforming bodily-health.

Don't overlook the emotional necessity of maintaining those supportive ties-that-bind, even if it means tempering certain rebellious elements of your attack-strategy.

Otherwise, you might find yourself standing on the winner's podium with nobody cheering you on.

Money could flow in from a creative project. Make time for networking. 

Nurturing key relationships could bring profitable partnerships before the year is through.