Leo Horoscope December 2014 - Love and Money Horoscope inspire personal or professional efficiency efforts

Leo Horoscope December 2014 reveals the advantages of assuming a positive attitude towards life, but that does not exclude realism and major responsibilities.

Leo Horoscope December 2014 strengthens partnership, facilitates a serious metamorphosis of self.

Leo Horoscope December 2014 inspire personal or professional efficiency efforts through the development a creativity and perseverance.

As a result of trigone of Venus and Jupiter on December 4, 2014, your optimism is contagious, and your great persuasion helps you easily impose their views and interests.

Mars enters in Aquarius on December 5, and develop the ability to put aside selfishness and focus on cooperation and mutual benefit.
Leo December Love and Money Horoscope
Leo Horoscope December 2014

On December 6, 2014, Full Moon in Gemini is associated with many activities and social events or professional.

It is not excluded to reevaluate your value system and analyze if you comply with it.

However, not everything will be so simple in this aspect. On one side, results can be summed up by those who have already finished something.

Leo December 2014 Horoscope - Love Horoscope

Last month astral influences continue to influence you as configured in Leo love horoscope 2014.

Transit Mars in the seventh your house tends to create, starting on December 5, 2014 the couple quarrels with your partner.

The fruits of love are sweeter starting on December 23, 2014.

Presence of Saturn in the fifth house of Leo, putting emphasis on the stability of the current couple connections.

If you do not have a partner, you can find out in person to someone older than you or someone endowed with an obvious maturity in approaching sentimental life.

If you are single, it will be important to take full advantage by being out of the house, seeing friends and generally showing your face to the world.

By being out, you increase your chances of a fateful, random meeting.

Give the relationship time, and get to know your partner's circle of friends and family before becoming deeply involved. Love won't fly away if you wait - it will actually bond more fully, for Saturn, so prominent at this new moon too, will see to that.

Leo December 2014 Horoscope - Money and Career Horoscope

Money seem to fit easily in your pockets on December 4, thanks trigone Venus with Jupiter, but you have to pass on a certain nonchalance and watch carefully on your financial responsibilities.

Mercury trine Jupiter on December 12, 2014 supports you to see the big picture of your financial or business projects.

Be careful however not to neglect some important details!

You can go on a business trip or to be forced to make several trips through the city to deal with certain obligations.

It is an auspicious time for small business, but you can be hard to see things from a wider perspective.

The trigon of Water will receive the Black Moon as its “celestial leader”, the dark and mysterious twin of the apparent white Moon. It is hard to say what will happen to the enemies of the Water signs, if the Black Moon decides to protect its protege.

People should protect themselves and pay special attention to their horoscopes. This will allow them to alleviate a lion’s share of problems that the tandem of Uranus-Mercury will befall upon all of the Earth’s denizens.