Complete Horoscope Thursday, November 20, 2014 Astrological predictions for each sign

Daily horoscope for  Thursday, November 20, 2014

HOROSCOPE November 20, 2014.

Astrological Predictions for the day of November 20 for each sign, according HOROSCOPE 2014.

PISCES   horoscope for  Thursday, November 20, 2014

You can now be the main engine of a large-scale project, which will join others with enthusiasm.

You dare to dream nice to future plans along with it.

But you're still anxious about the chances of success.

You can get support from someone in the family, most likely the parents, or a sum of money or even in emotionally.
Complete Horoscope  Thursday November 20 2014
Wiki November 20. 2014 Astrological predictions

It shows how much passion you invest in this project and you'll receive from other participants sufficient signals of trust and support, which will stimulate you to go further.

You're not alone in this great end, so will unite all forces!

20 November 2014 HOROSCOPE Aquarius 

Worries that we do not justified.

You have a real chance of success, both socially, and emotionally.

The nervousness that you feel is due to accumulated fatigue.

Take your routine activities and rest more!

Your partner, however, supports you and encourages you, so that you will take to finish all your goals.


Going on the road full of enthusiasm, eager to solve all the tasks you have in your plan.

Do you enjoy being on the road all day, so that all your desires are thus fulfilled: social desire, the desire to see new things, the desire to know someone.

There seems tedious when more change and you a little decoration and concerns.

It would be good to find a way to escape from your usual environment, even for an hour.

Not a good day for investment or business.

In the morning, get news from a close relative that will change plans in connection with a trip.

We advise you to avoid activities that require attention and power of concentration.


A typical day in which nothing happens great, but exactly follow the routine: work, shopping, house.

Subtle emotional connections with your family history back into focus now.

Awareness of your emotions can influence decisions, without you realizing it.

In the evening, however, your partner surprise you with a totally unexpected gesture that shows you once again how much he loves you.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE November 20, 2014

In the morning, before anything and not feel like you wasted energy.

Friends and family will understand and help.

We advise you to be cautious and not refuse the help that it gives you an older person.

Business is good, the budget takes shape and you have even the courage to make your big plans with your money.

Financial success is your handy today, because you know how to fuck well in light and highlight your talents and qualities.

Your ideas are profit-making, so put them into practice!

20 November 2014 HOROSCOPE Balance 

In the morning there might be a little confusing.

We advise you to leave the business for tomorrow, however it seems urgent, otherwise you risk to take wrong decisions, with serious consequences.

Instead, sentimental go through a favorable period, dominated by Romanticism, which will help you keep morale high.

If in the morning, you'll be caught in activities related to children who will put your nerves to the test.

The rest of the day, your focus will be oriented work.

HOROSCOPE 2014 November 20, Virgo

It seems that through a period in which no money will unsettles.

In the morning, it is possible to encounter difficulties at work.

Colleagues and bosses will understand and help.

Would not hurt to pay more attention to family.

Romantic relationships go very well.

Spend a romantic evening with spouse.

HOROSCOPE 2014 Leo November 20 

A friend proposes to associate in a business.

We advise not to make a decision today, because you may not be the best decision.

You concern over the health of the older family.

A parent or grandparent is not feeling well for a while and you try to be with them as you can.

Are you ready to assume duties for his own good, even if you can sacrifice your program just to take care of him.

See below which is the sign that today will receive the money, which is the sign that has luck in love and who must be very careful SERVICE

November 20, 2014 Astrological Chart

Conjunction    Sun-Moon             >21°55'<
Conjunction    Sun-Mercury          >10°01'<
Conjunction    Sun-Venus            <6°38'>
Quadrature     Sun-Jupiter          <96°13'>
Conjunction    Sun-Saturn           <2°50'>
Conjunction    Sun-Proserpina       <8°49'>
Quadrature     Sun-Lilith           >89°12'<
Conjunction    Moon-Mercury         >11°53'<
Conjunction    Moon-Saturn          >19°45'<
Trine          Moon-Neptune         <118°22'>
Conjunction    Moon-N. Pole         <17°42'>
Trine          Moon-Hiron           >126°41'<
Conjunction    Moon-Proserpina      >13°07'<
Conjunction    Mercury-Venus        >16°38'<
Quadrature     Mercury-Jupiter      >86°13'<
Conjunction    Mercury-Saturn       >7°57'<
Trine          Mercury-Hiron        <114°50'>
Conjunction    Mercury-Proserpina   >1°27'<
Conjunction    Venus-Saturn         <8°55'>
Trine          Venus-Uranus         >128°01'<
Quadrature     Venus-Neptune        <89°51'>
Conjunction    Venus-Proserpina     <15°27'>
Quadrature     Venus-Lilith         <95°50'>
Quadrature     Mars-Uranus          <83°56'>
Conjunction    Mars-Pluto           <8°04'>
Quadrature     Mars-N. Pole         <90°13'>
Quadrature     Mars-S. Pole         <89°47'>
Conjunction    Mars-Selena          <1°49'>
Quadrature     Jupiter-Saturn       <94°07'>
Opposition     Jupiter-Neptune      >167°18'<
Trine          Jupiter-S. Pole      <123°17'>
Quadrature     Jupiter-Proserpina   <87°23'>
Conjunction    Jupiter-Lilith       <8°24'>
Conjunction    Saturn-Proserpina    <6°59'>
Quadrature     Saturn-Lilith        >87°12'<
Quadrature     Uranus-Pluto         >91°10'<
Opposition     Uranus-N. Pole       >174°09'<
Conjunction    Uranus-S. Pole       >5°52'<
Quadrature     Uranus-Selena        <85°03'>
Conjunction    Neptune-Hiron        >10°<
Opposition     Neptune-Lilith       >174°25'<
Conjunction    Pluto-Selena         <6°27'>
Quadrature     N. Pole-Selena       >89°05'<
Quadrature     S. Pole-Selena       >90°54'<
Trine          Hiron-Proserpina     <113°42'>
Opposition     Hiron-Lilith         >166°19'<