2015 Tiger Predictions For Love and Money - Tiger Horoscope 2015 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

Wiki Astrological, Yearly Chinese Horoscope for TIGER.

Tiger Chinese Horoscopes for the year of the Goat: 2015.

Learn about the Tiger Chinese horoscope sign in 2015 Chinese Astrology Forecast.

Is your birth year represented by the Tiger energy in Chinese astrology?

Attention! If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Cow, not Tiger.

Chinese Tiger sign, Date and Time of Birth
  1. 1926 February 4 (at 10:14 PM) to 1927 February 5 (at 03:34 AM)
  2. 1938 February 4 (at 07:16 PM) to 1939 February 5 (at 01:22 AM)
  3. 1950 February 4 (at 05:22 PM) to 1951 February 4 (at 11:12 PM)
  4. 1962 February 4 (at 03:16 PM) to 1963 February 4 (at 09:08 PM)
  5. 1974 February 4 (at 01:03 PM) to 1975 February 4 (at 06:52 PM)
  6. 1986 February 4 (at 11:14 AM) to 1987 February 4 (at 04:51 PM)
  7. 1998 February 4 (at 08:47 AM) to 1999 February 4 (at 02:42 PM)
Characterized by bravery, ambition and energy, Tigers are natural leaders and go-getters, yet they are also sensitive, loving and emotional.
2015 Tiger Predictions For Love and Money
Wiki Tiger Predictions For Love in 2015

They are very competitive, more so when it comes to saving one's honor or protecting a loved one. 

2015 will offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy extreme sports, exotic travel and intense love affairs. 

Still, it's important for the Tiger to take safety measures whenever possible, or they may end up in the emergency room.

In 2015Tiger people must not ignore their health and safety when they are away from home.

2015 Love Horoscope for Tiger

A lot of conflicts can occur between romantic partners this year, so it’s important for both parties to be understanding and patient. 

Single people won’t have a very prosperous love life this year. 

If you’re proactive, however, you may find the right one for you. 

There won’t be a lot of weddings for Tigers this year, but be warned that a lot of extramarital and similarly shady affairs will be abundant.

If you are looking for love, then it will be difficult for you to find a close friend. If you are in love, then you have to watch for your words and behavior to prevent any arguments to keep the relationship. 

There is a chance that a third party is involved your love relationship. 

Married people must avoid unnecessary quarrels. 

Otherwise, it will become long-term cold war and impact the quality of marriage life.

Tigers with contentious family relationships will finally have a chance to leave the past behind and move toward a happier, healthier future.

2015 Money Horoscope for Tiger

The money luck is up and down. The success luck and vitality & inner chi of the Tigers of all elements are bad and neutral respectively. 

That means you still have the chance of money loss if your money is gambled in risky business or investments.

In 2015 Tigers should take care to avoid confrontations at work, either with colleagues or superiors, as this can adversely affect their professional growth. 

Don’t say more than necessary, stay calm, and don’t act rash. 

Peace and quiet should be the most important values for Tigers this year, or they could end up jobless.

If you receive a monthly fixed income such as salary or wage, then your wealth probably won't increase too much. 

If  you receive income from business, commission, trading or investment, then you have better chance to make yourself richer. 

In 2015 it is best to adopt a cooperative attitude, rather than force the powers-that-be to choose between an argumentative and agreeable worker.

All Tigers should take things a bit slower and work at rejuvenation mind, body and spirit this year. 

Do not rely too much on intuition as your judgement is not at its best.