2015 OX Forecast For Love and Money - OX Horoscope 2015 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

The year of the Goat starts 19 February 2015. The Goat is a symbol of harmony, balance and stillness. 

The Goat possesses Yin energy. This feminine energy is characterized as: slow, soft, yielding and receptive.

The Ox has a great working capacity, apparently without effort. The Ox is a rational person. (S)He faces problems directly, abruptly, and the solutions (s)he finds are not always the simplest ones.

Your Ox energy will be present in all aspects of life during the year of the Goat.

Let's see what guidance your Chinese horoscope 2015 has in the year of the Goat!

The Ox's 2015 Love horoscope. As far as romance is concerned, the Ox may feel pressured to step up their game in 2015.

The Green Wood Goat Year is a time of spontaneity, adventure and excitement.

For the year 2015, love for the OX sign bearers has the tendency to be turbulent.
2015  Ox Love Horoscope for year of the Goat
OX 2015 Forecast Money Chinese horoscope

However, do not expect for relationships to end.

It will be just rough for the couple.

In 2015 Ox sign bearers have the tendency to not listen to friend’s advice. This can be a big mistake. Being too close-minded will not allow them to see a bird’s eye view of the whole situation.

Oxen in committed relationships shouldn't wait for special days to give gifts, love letters and compliments.

Instead, they should honor their partners at perfectly ordinary times.

The Ox's 2015 Love horoscope. Despite the stability of the relationship, the horoscope advises you to type the word “romance” into a search engine from time to time and use the advice of the Internet to bring a breath of fresh air into the established way of life.

You realize that the best proof of your feelings is the bread bought and the money isolated from the family budget for new boots, but your loved one may want to have a candlelit dinner or an unplanned bouquet of flowers.

The Green Goat rewards those who operate on the spur-of-the-moment, so the Ox would be wise to mix things up with their romantic partner.

Single Oxen need to be discerning about love this year.

The Year of the Wood Horse could throw many romantic opportunities their way.

2015 will be best for the Ox to devote themselves to someone who shares their strong principles.

The Ox's 2015 Love horoscope. A strong bond can help you work through whatever arises, so don't stress. In any case, it's a good idea for you to buckle up and prepare for some turbulence.

But remember: a little turbulence can actually be fun if you're able to let go, trust yourself and realize that being flexible in love a bit might actually make you a happier person.

The Ox's motto in love is the same: slowly but surely. The Ox loves pleasure but (s)he doesn't get involved too easily. If there is nobody to make advances to him/her, the Ox has all the chances to remain single.

The Ox's 2015 Love horoscope. Relations of the heart will require some work in 2015 and the Ox will need to stay committed to making this work if they wish to carry on with the relationships.

If you are in a long term relationship with someone, it would be a good idea to take a romantic trip in 2015 although only if you can afford it.

The Ox's 2015 Money horoscope. Your Chinese horoscope says that your are devoted to delivering proper results.

The Ox may at times lack clear communication. Although you have been working on this last year already stay focused in order to be successful.

Ensure clear communication with your colleagues by trusting yourself and them.

This will maximize the outcome of your Chinese career horoscope in 2015.

Finances are on the up in 2015 but please remember to keep an eye where money is concerned and seek professional advice on big purchases this year as there is risk of problems where finances are concerned which can cause problems overall if there is a big financial loss.

Developing a sense of poise and confidence is also key to your success this year.

The Ox's 2015 Money horoscope. If you want something, speak up and ask for it. Better yet, elbow out the competition with your strength and fortitude.

Develop your sense of timing. Know when to ask for a raise, switch jobs or start a business.

The best way for the Ox to make a profit in the Year of the Green Wood Goat is to buy real estate.

It may be necessary for this sign to lend financial assistance to a family member in 2015. Fortunately, the Wood element rewards those who are compassionate and generous.

For Oxen looking to change career, there will be opportunities throughout 2015 and this can work to their advantage as there will be some good positions opening for the Ox in the year of the Goat but please do not go for a job unless you are qualified as this could backfire on you.

The Ox's 2015 Money horoscope. The Ox is carefree and with a focus on Harmony and Balance in 2015 you will explore some passion!

Focus on your caretaking in order to maximize your Chinese love horoscope results!

The Ox's 2015 Money horoscope. Anyone who does not fall under these jobs still has the chance to climb up the ranks and make a name for him or herself. As long as they keep working hard and show that they are determined to be the best in what they do.