Your Halloween Horoscope 2014: spooky horoscopes, Halloween Costume By Horoscope Sign

Your host's horoscope sign to find a fright night fete that will strike your fancy. From an astro standpoint, you might dig deep into buried traits for inspiration, playing out the fantasies of your Moon, Mars or Venus.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Aries

You'll go for the high impact look, the one people talk about long after the party. Think larger than life characters, warriors, the hero or heroine of history, or the pioneer.

Spend the night out with friends, at a party, or in a group. You don’t want to be alone, you want to have fun with pals. Go for a group costume, like a band or characters from the same TV show.

Hurry up and get your work done, and no working late. Be spontaneous and put on something that’ll get you noticed. Celebrate and mingle—Halloween only comes once a year.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Taurus

Create a costume that engages the senses -- a dress or suit made out of bubble wrap invites touch, or you could be your favorite candy, and offer a treat from a basket. Your tastes may veer toward the skimpy, a primal being wearing only a loin cloth or faux fir bikini. You could take a cue from nature, and be a season, tree or power animal.

Get comfy on the couch, watch scary movies with your eyes covered, and don’t forget to save some treats for the witches and goblins knocking at your door.

You’re the practical one this Halloween, making sure everyone has food and is hydrated and not overextending themselves. For your costume, try an authority figure, like a teacher, politician, or parent.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Gemini

Ideas: half-man/half-woman, magician, ballerina, pixie, playboy, bird or butterfly, dandy, fashion model, sprite, faery, used car salesman, jetsetter, town crier, the Bard.

Let yourself go wild and have fun this Halloween. Go to another place, somewhere you haven’t been to before, or be with people who celebrate in unusual ways. Try being a teacher, writer, or foreigner for a costume.

You’ll want to have two costumes on hand so you can dress as you feel at the moment. Whether you’re an angel or devil, prisoner or police officer, it’ll spark lots of interesting conversation.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Cancer

There’s no side-stepping your inner child on Halloween. Try on a different shell and join in the fun. See if anyone recognizes you.

Crabs would never throw an adults-only Halloween bash. Expect the whole family to be present -- parents, kids, extended family members and tons of friends (who Cancer also considers "family"). This nurturing sign will have no shortage of food and drinks, either -- not only will they have enough candy on hand to feed the neighborhood kids ten times over, but they'll also have low-fat treats for the adults who are watching their weight, sugar-free snacks for the diabetics in the house and alcohol-free ale for those who are driving.

You don’t feel much like letting loose this Halloween, but you don’t have to be a sourpuss either. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone and let yourself smile. Indulge in candy, and try going for a super sexy costume, a witch, or a vampire.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Leo

Your Halloween horoscope says you’ll get business out of the way early, leaving plenty of time to proudly decorate your den and serve mysterious treats to visiting tricksters.

Ideas: sunflower, matador, Carmen Miranda, glam rock star or diva, one of the supremes in gold lame, the Red Baron, Count Dracula, lion or lioness, thespian, movie star, grapes.

Lions love big bashes full of pomp and circumstance. If you go to a Halloween party at a Leo's house, expect a Renaissance-style masquerade ball, full of elaborate masks, cinched waists and puffy sleeves and skirts. Also expect your host to stay in character all night, channeling Marie Antoinette or Alexander the Great -- this sign probably thinks of themselves as royalty anyway, so they're likely to play the part more than convincingly.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Virgo

Halloween gives you good reason to forget about work and gather all the ghouls and goblins to celebrate. These are the moments that matter.

Wherever you are for Halloween, be helpful, whether you’re passing out the candy, taking out the garbage, or corralling the kiddies. Try being a fruit or vegetable, trainer, or fitness guru.

A Virgo knows that the essentials to any good party are food, beverages and decorations. They aren't likely to go overboard, but they will be well-stocked. They're also excellent party planners, knowing that costume contests and karaoke are more crowd-pleasing activities than standing around the punch bowl. Expect a standard Halloween bash from this sign -- but with the right pacing, enough activities and plenty of healthy snacks mixed in with expected fright-night fare.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Libra

You'll lean toward being part of a themed duo like Bonnie and Clyde, sheik and harem girl. If single, think high style like going as a model, socialite, dandy or International Male ala Austin Powers.

Your Halloween horoscope speaks of partnerships and home. Why not ask someone to be the other half of your two-person costume?

Be playful and let out your inner child for Halloween. Be creative with your costume, flirty even, and go out or to a party. Dress up as a sports star, movie star, rock star, or any kind of star.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Scorpio

Pluto urges you to get around the neighborhood and see it through the eyes of a child. Your reasons to work overtime will still be there the next day, but Halloween won’t.

Scorpios love a theme party (the darker the theme, the better), and Halloween is most likely their favorite night of the year. These folks have a twisted sense of humor, so they might urge you to come dressed as your favorite horror movie character. Don't skimp on the sex appeal with your costume, either -- this sign is as sexy as it is dark. Expect your host to show up at the door dressed like Elvira or the title character from The Crow, and expect a night full of surprises!

You’re inclined to spend Halloween at home and with family, not wanting to go out much. For costume ideas, try being a parent, decorator, or just be yourself in some sweats.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Sagittarius

If you can, take the kids out trick-or-treating because you’ll really enjoy it. Your inner child comes out. If not, then give out the candy. Be social. Try being a teacher, mechanic, or writer for a costume.

Donned in a costume that makes a whimsical yet philosophical statement, you’re ready to taunt the spirits and go out to join the tricksters in search of treats.

Ideas: Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, little devil or angel, wandering sadhu, pirate, philosopher, professor, centaur, horse whisperer, pilgrim, alpine trekker.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Capricorn

For a traditional soul like you, this is a traditional holiday. You don’t mind dressing up as long as it has a practical application—perhaps James Bond with the latest iPhone (and other secret gadgets).
Wiki Halloween Horoscope 2014 Pisces

Goats work hard all week, and they like their leisure time to be, well, leisurely. Expect a no-frills affair for Halloween -- a few close friends, a case of beer, popcorn and a Nightmare on Elm Street movie marathon. These folks won't insist that you dress up for the big night, but they won't mock you if you do, either. Expect a chill night will good friends, good conversation, some "Gotcha!" moments and a lot of laughter.

No matter what, you’re going straight for the candy on Halloween. Your sweet tooth goes into overdrive! For a costume, try being mother earth, an earth god/goddess, or a banker.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Aquarius

Days like this are made for you. Mars gets your creative juices flowing while Pluto helps you tap into your house of the subconscious.

You'll bypass traditional costumes for something totally original. It might be a concept costume, made up by you for people to figure out or not.

Ideas: go go dancer, alien, sexy robot, Star Wars character, mad scientist, rebel biker, Nikola Tesla, a futurist.

With the Moon in your sign, Halloween is your holiday. Be as you are and do whatever you want. The fun finds you. If you feel like doing something different, go for it.

Halloween Horoscope 2014 Pisces

Your Halloween horoscope features your house of talents and your house of friends. Looks like a good reason to dress up and party!

This sign is symbolized by the Fish, and they love all things water-related. Expect an "Under the Sea" Halloween theme, complete with mermaids, water gods and sea creatures. This sign will also go all out, transforming their space into a dreamy, underwater kingdom. For snacks, it's a sure bet there will be a bowl of Swedish Fish, and the punch will surely be something blue or green with some oceanic surprises inside.

Ideas: Nymph or Neptune, fairy, ghost, Alice in Wonderland, jailbird, nun or priest, monk, George Harrison, dancer.

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, originated from the British Isles. 

On the night before the Christian All Saints Day - which coincided with Samhain, the ancient Celtic New Year's Eve - evil spirits popped in to say "boo" for one last night of revelry, and people needed protection from supernatural mischief.