Wiki Best diet for the Taurus: Weight Loss Tips for horoscope sign of Taurus

Taurus is a feminine horoscope sign, which means Taurus people are passive (do not like confrontation), receptive (takes in a lot, very emotional), and withdrawn (can easily be to him/herself which is great for spiritual purposes).

A Taurus, represented by the “Bull”, has a tendency to overeat due to their love of culinary delights.

If a Taurus fails to follow the dietary tips outlined here, and continues to eat poorly, they are susceptible to constant constipation.

The Taurus has a conflicting sensibility when it comes to diets.

Your love of the sensual pleasures (food!) is countered by a practical understanding of the realities of life.
wiki Weight Loss Diet Tips For Taurus Women
Weight Loss Tips for horoscope signs

That is why the latest diet trends tend to work so well for you.

It's important that when you immerse yourself in a whole new approach to eating, you have the research to back it up.

A diet containing adequate sulphate of sodium is meant for them as it controls the presence of water in the body.

If the mineral is less in organs like pancreas, liver and kidneys, conditions like thyroid gland congestion, feeling of being waterlogged and bloating can arise.

Foods rich in sulphate of sodium are horse radish, asparagus, spinach, beets, cauliflower, pumpkin, cucumber, onions, raw nuts and cranberries.

Drinking adequate water keeps the system clean from toxins.

Eating foods high in iodine like seafood and fish can keep the thyroid gland working at its best.

Following a diet plan similar to the ones that are recommended for diabetics is also advisable for individuals born under the horoscope sign of Taurus. 

These types of diets are specifically designed to balance proteins, fats and carbs with your sugar consumption.

To help the thyroid glands functioning properly, it is recommended that individuals born between April 21st and May 21st eat foods rich in iodine, such as seafood.

Other thyroid boosting foods include eggs, dark green leafy vegetables and kidney beans.

Taureans should make sure to get adequate amounts of sodium. Sodium is the necessary cell-salt of Taurus. 

Great sources of natural sodium include Seaweed (dulse, kelp, etc.), Celery, and sea salt.

From time to time, the Taurus individual should gargle with warm water and sea salt, which is for the maintenance of the throat.

We also recommend long soaks in hot water and sea salt for Taurus individuals.