Wiki The astrological aspects in the horoscope November 2014

In the horoscope November 2014, the return of Neptune in transit directly in PISCES frees us dreams sometimes futile and we somehow get down with my feet on the ground.

Mercury in Scorpio makes us seek what lies behind the communication and interaction with others.

Transit of the planet Venus in Sagittarius we simplify how how sentimental life and cause us to aspire to the authenticity and meaning as the connection of the relations of the couple.

Sun in Sagittarius now arriving in us with an increased confidence in ourselves especially when we leave details and we embrace the image of our destiny and desire to integrate in a broader sense as well as of our existence.

Astrological aspects in the horoscope: November 2014
astrological aspects today november 2014

-1 November 2014-mercury (in the Balanta) in being with Jupiter (in LEO)

-November 2, 2014-Sextil between Venus (in Scoring) and Neptune (in PISCES)

-November 2, 2014-Mars Sextil (in Sagittarius) with Neptune (in PISCES)

-November 4, 2014-the Sun (the Scorpion) in being with Pluto (in Capricorn)

November 7-2014-full moon in Taurus

-9 November 2014-Mercury enters Scorpio

-9 November 2014-Cuadrat between Venus (in Scoring) and Jupiter (in LEO)

-11 November 2014-Conjunction of Mars (in Sagittarius) with Pluto (in Capricorn)

-12 November 2014-Trigon between mercury (in Scoring) and Neptune (in PISCES)

-13 November 2014-Venus (in Scorpio) in conjunction with Saturn (in Scorpio)

-13 November 2014-Cuadrat Mars (in Sagittarius) with Uranus (in Aries)

-November 14, 2014-the Sun (the Scorpion) in cuadrat with Jupiter (in LEO)

-16 November 2014-Sextil Mercury between (the Scorpion) and Pluto (in Capricorn)

-16 November 2014-Venus begins its transit in Sagittarius

-16 November 2014-Neptune aspect comes directly in PISCES

-18 November 2014-the Sun (the Scorpion) in conjunction with Saturn (in Scorpio)

-November 20, 2014-Cuadrat of Venus (in Sagittarius) with Neptune (in PISCES)

-November 2014-21 Being between mercury (in Scoring) and Mars (in Sagittarius)

-November 22, 2014-Sun enters the astrological sector of Sagittarius

-November 22, 2014-new moon in Scorpio

-23 November 2014-Cuadrat between mercury (in Scoring) and Jupiter (in LEO)

-November 26, 2014-mercury (in Scorpio) in conjunction with Saturn (in Scorpio)

-November 27, 2014-Venus (in Sagittarius) in trigon with Neptune (in PISCES)

-November 27, 2014-Cuadrat Sun (in Sagittarius) with Neptune (in PISCES)

-November 28, 2014-Mercury begins its transit in Sagittarius