Happy Birthday Messages for best friends in Taurus Sign - Zodiac Birthday Text Messages

Some Birthday Messages for best friends in Taurus Sign

The sign of Taurus celebrates their birthdays from April 20th through May 20th. 

So let’s wish these wonderful Taurus folks a very very Happy Birthday! 

You find out the exact time and place of your friend's birth and order a horoscope from a professional astrologist.

Ask the astrologist to provide information on outstanding personalities born under the same Zodiac constellation.

Your friend should know she is in good company. 

1. Friends... The only thing you could never have too many of! Thank you for being my friend. May all your birthday wishes come true!

2. Happy birthday to my best friend,
Of all the things I got to see in life,
You are the most treasured one
Happy Birthday Messages for best friends in Taurus Sign
Best Zodiac Birthday Text Messages
So, wish you a lovely birthday,
Stay blessed!

3. Wish you have a lovely day filled with plenty of smiles and laughter. Many many happy returns of the day to my sweetheart friend! Love you always.

4. Best friends never need to be told that they are best friends. So, I don't need to tell you right? Have a fantastic birthday, buddy!

5. There are two types of friends. The ones who befriend you on Facebook and the one who befriend in you in real life. Need I say which one you are? Happy Birthday to my best-est friend ever!

6. Happy birthday dear! May all your dreams come true soon. Wishing you a cheerful and delightful birthday.

7. My you have:
All the joy your heart can hold;
All the smiles a day can bring;
All the blessings a life can unfold;
May you get the world's best in everything.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

8. You are a special angel sent from heaven to travel this earth and be my friend. Hope you enjoy the journey and live a long life full of fun and laughter. Happy Birthday!

9. Friendship is not something that is written on paper, because paper can be torn. It is neither something that can be written on a rock, for even a rock can break. But it is written on the heart of a person, and it stays there forever. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way, my friend!

10. Yet another year to celebrate our beautiful friendship and cherish all those lovely memories gone by down the years. I just want you to know that you're really special to me. Happy Birthday to the best friend I've ever had.

11. A real friend understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are, even... if you are getting older! Enjoy your Big Day!

12. Happy birthday my dear,
Spread your smile and cheer,
On this special day of yours,
To my best friend forever!

13. You’re the most beautiful star that shines on earth. You’re the brightest light of happiness in my life. Warm wishes to you on your birthday!

14. I wish you well;
I wish you peace;
I wish you love;
I wish you true.
But the most I wish for is a wonderful life for you!
Warm birthday greetings!

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