Diets matched your sign, to lose weight safe and healthy - Horoscope of eating behavior

Some tips of losing weight diets according to the sign in which you are born. 

Each sign has a certain type of eating behavior.

Therefore it is advisable to take into account the characteristics of the sign where you born in your diets.

Protein content of foods consumed daily can boost some health problems, so it is recommended periodic visit to the doctor

How Aries lose weight safe and healthy

Aries native of Atkins diet fits them.

The Atkins diet is very rich in protein and carbohydrate.
Diets matched your Sign Food to Lose Weight
Wiki Horoscope of eating behavior

Note, however, protein content of foods consumed daily can boost health problems.

Reason why it is recommended to periodically visit the doctor for analysis to see if the body is somehow overloaded by many proteins.

How Gemeni lose weight safe and healthy

Women born in Gemini, loves the variety of life, and culinary variety.

Zodiac Gemini natives they find it difficult to keep a diet if it is not spicy.

The basic rule in choosing the right diet for this sign is the content varied, but mostly full of spices and herbs.

How Leo lose weight safe and healthy

Leo Women rarely fail, including when dieters of losing weight.

Determination people born in Leo allows them to eat almost anything because they can stop when they want.

If you pamper you with a full meal with all a perfect make conscious

Because they have the power to not repeat and to restrict their caloric intake in the future.

How Libra lose weight safe and healthy

Balance and harmony are those that govern the sign of Libra.

The two concepts must be introduced in the diet.

Reason that a native of Libra regime must be varied, but limited quantity.

In other words, you can eat chocolate, if you take only one piece, and the cake, if you eat a few teaspoons.

Libra must still be alert to possible health issues that are prone.

Women born under this sign pose higher risks to develop diseases of bone and kidney.

Therefore astro-diet should contain foods rich in calcium, but also large amounts of water and tea.

How Pisces lose weight safe and healthy

Intuitive and compassionate women born under the sign of Pisces need a softer diet.

This includes model and actress Eva Mendes, who is recommended Asian cuisine, rich in fish, healthy fats, and the garlic and ginger.

How Sagittarius lose weight safe and healthy

A Sagittarius woman loves to travel and partake in exotic dishes.

But the body can not go and would like the piercing, which must protect the liver.

Sagittarius woman diet is suitable for oriental diet.

A diet rich in fish, seeds, nuts, rice and vegetables.

However, it is advisable to periodically take a detox diet for cleansing the liver.

How Scorpio lose weight safe and healthy

Scorpio Women find it hard to maintain a steady and rational nutrition.

Katy Perry is one of the prominent representatives of the zodiac Scorpio which is governed by a passion for food excesses.

Regime according to the natives of Scorpio is structured in six days of restrictions (no carbs, no fruits, no dairy, only proteins), and on a day of total pampering that any food sinful pleasure can be satisfied.