1 Ian 2015 Capricorn horoscope: polish up your leadership style and re-evaluate plans about a career goal

Capricorn Horoscope, January 1, 2015 A positive start to the year for the Zodiac Capricorn, and some warnings that Capricorn natives should take into account.

Natives born under the Capricorn sun sign are known for their enormous faith and everlasting love. They are reliable and have a great sense of pride. They like to follow traditions.

For them, love lasts forever and they like to spend a lot of time at their home, with their families. Capricorn aspires for mature and sensible partners.

It’s important for Capricorn to stay positive, happy go lucky and not to get down at all.

You might miss something important in the fine print, or you may discover after you've signed that you've inadvertently put yourself in a corner professionally.
Ian 2015 Capricorn horoscope
Wiki 2015 Capricorn Horoscope

This will, however, be a great time to re-evaluate plans about a career goal or reconnect with important figures connected to your industry that you may have lost touch with.

Legal contracts come under this moon’s scrutiny too. 

Review your agreements: Have the terms outlived their relevance?

Changes to your home can come, to those living in your home or if you’re living in someone’s home and to your extended family come your way.

Tax and long term financial provision could have much of your attention mid-month and may be driven by a partner or relative who, having dealt with an emergency at the start of the month is even more anxious than usual to know that there is an adequate safety net in place.

This cosmic coupling helps you pause and polish up your leadership style.

Your team could get a flaky - or downright mutinous - if you treat them like numbers on a spreadsheet instead of intriguing individuals.

Bring the personal touch to the office, whether you show up with a tray of healthy smoothies or take the helm and organize a group lunch outing.

Extravagant expenditures will keep you charged up for the day. You will achieve what you had wanted, that is the happiness of your sweetheart.

Towards the end of the day, however, you will regret for letting yourself burn a hole in your pocket, feels Ganesha.

Your ability to sustain yourself pay for things gets a cosmic boost.

This was the day of January 1 2015 horoscopes and Astrology predictions for Capricorn natives.

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