MAY 2018 Lucky Numbers Oracle for zodiac signs: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA

You have a love that looks like a flame on fire. It's like the Olympic torch, this month you'll have to move it from one place to another without it going out.

Be careful because along the way you can find some important difficulty. In essence it is something that you will take care of because you are interested in being in your life.

Convenience and love can not always go hand in hand, there will be a time when they will separate.

A month full of decisions awaits you. Sometimes it has been easier to close deals, but in this it will not be so much.
may 2018 lucky numbers aries, taurus, gemini, leo, virgo, libra

At first it will look simple, but as the days go by, you will not have a way to rectify.

Each point that you include will be definitive, so better consult them well, rather than saying yes to everything. Be patient and do not rush.

Your resources are a reality, you can touch them, feel them and make them grow. This month you will feel proud of what you have, but you will be thinking how to invest it in something that you do not need.

Your obsession with travel, traveling the world and growing up is something sickly.

Searching trips whenever you want seems a reality that you get thanks to your hard work.

May 2018 CAPRICORN monthly horoscope prediction: Do not miss the opportunity to call your friends.

May 2018 Horoscope prediction for Capricorn born on January

Unexpected twists and turns on your professional path. A surprise can still lead you to success, but in a different way than you planned.

Conserve some energy for what's most important to you instead of getting hooked by your need to demonstrate your love by constantly pleasing others.

Your relationship does not go through a suitable moment. Distance is something that affects signs like yours.

You must think very clearly and carefully in all conversations and personal interactions and make sure nothing you say can be misconstrued.
May 2018 Capricorn monthly horoscope forecast

Do not be surprised that your words are often taken out of context and used to put you in a bad light.

Be especially weary of any members of the opposite sex who are looking to put you down.

It's nothing new, it usually happens when you meet someone and you discover that the time you can spend with that person is totally limited by a specific circumstance, you can get depressed.

You need someone to spend more time by your side, take you by the hand and understand you.

May 2018 SAGITTARIUS monthly horoscope prediction: You can advance professionally.

May 2018 Horoscope prediction for Sagittarius born on November This time marks a separation process, during which anything that no longer supports your life purpose is being broken down and remoulded, or discarded.

This paves the way for new responsibilities to be shouldered as you move into the next cycle.

This is a time when meetings have particular significance in terms of karma and your growth as an individual soul.

You may have a powerful experience connected with some group activity now and gain greater insight into your soul and your fate as a human being.

In this period you may well feel up against powerful institutions in society.

It pays to have all your dealings with the authorities on a healthy footing. It is no use pitting your will against organisations or people who have more power than yourself.

Sagittarius you can advance professionally by expanding your circle of influence and making the right connections.

This is a time when you gain insight and a greater understanding in your dealings with others.

Forgiveness, either of yourself or other's actions, may feature strongly during this time.

July - August 2018 Luck Love or Money according your sign. Zodiac forecast.

Horoscope prediction for  July - August 2018 Luck Love or Money according your sign

Your weak points at the job level will begin to materialize during the first days of the month. That fear that you have to fail is the one that will lead you to do it.

When you're so steep one thing is when the error comes. Always going with fear is something you do when you feel insecure, causing more of a setback in everything around you.

The volume of your relationship will rise in level. You want to achieve greater stability and to do so you will do it by the hand of certain fantasies.

If your relationship is not as you expect, you will do everything possible to achieve perfection.
July August 2018 Luck Love or Money according your sign

You can face some interesting conversation and make a much healthier environment. The truth is that you need it and this week will be ideal to achieve it.

This month your dreams are going to manifest in a way that you don't expect.

A person may have appeared in them and you want to know her a little more. It's up to you to do it or not.

If you do win a friendship and something else, if you decide not to do it you will stay as you are.

May 2018 LIBRA monthly horoscope forecast: it is important that you avoid being too critical.

LIBRA sign May 2018 Horoscope prediction Generally speaking you should have a degree of luck and good fortune in attaining your greatest dreams at this time.

You should be able to interact more harmoniously with others, particularly those in authority.

If there is a sense of renewed optimism, greater cheer and humor, you are ready to take in new experiences.

It is possible that you ardently pursue health matters or strive to remold your body into a better receptacle for your spirit.

Perhaps you see illness as the only means of justifying demands for attention. If for some reason you do not manage to do this, your body may react with tensions or begin to show symptoms of illness.
May 2018 LIBRA monthly horoscope prediction

Now is the most appropriate time to change houses, the stars favor you, it has everything in your favor and also you will have the support of your family so that everything is much more bearable, it's just a matter of getting going.

Shopping will be your strong point, you will not stop for a single moment, and you will end up exhausted, nothing better than going through the physio to leave you relaxed and perfect.

Now is the time to calm down and relax, the problems come to an end and you will have the opportunity to do your job as you like, in a calm and relaxed way, which will give you the option of being able to access that position of greater responsibility that you have been waiting for so long.