Yearly Horoscope 2018 Cancer: Self-exploration and healthy chance-taking can help.

Yearly Horoscope forecast 2018 for Cancer You possess the skill and the social responsibility for manifesting your authority in the world.

You can acknowledge yourself as the creator of the authority or lack of authority and respect that you have in the world, which gives you security in your abilities to climb above self-imposed limitations.

Your regular rituals may seem boring or you may be excited by plans for an exotic or overseas adventure.

An opportunity to work, study or teach overseas will be worth exploring. An unexpected but exciting offer may arrive around June 26.

In order to maintain good relations with others over this period, you will need to be prepared to extend yourself socially.
Yearly Horoscope 2018 Cancer Forecast Zone

There is a risk of discourteous behavior and anti-social conduct upsetting perfectly good relationships.

Cancer Love, health and luck forecast 2018 You can expect to make and break contacts suddenly during this period.

Old associations that have run their course are likely to be discarded now and replaced with new contacts that are more relevant to your current lifestyle.

You may be attracted to independent, freethinking and original personalities at this time.

If you have an unexplored passion for spirituality or are generally curious about all things esoteric, the bold energy of Mars can help you explore the mystical side of life, especially around July 20–21.

2018 Yearly Horoscope for Cancer If you are artistically inclined, this can be a successful creative period for you, with your work being acknowledged and respected by others.

Travel for enjoyment and pleasure is favored now, if affordable. Travel energizes this person tremendously if the Sun is well-aspected.

Some of you enjoy being attached to some kind of glamorous or powerful enterprise where your own dynamism can come to the fore.

There is a reverse side to this coin, in that you can run a small enterprise on your own as long as you have total control.

Communications with family members can be spontaneous, exciting, or unpredictable.

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