Candle Magic Spells and Colors. Taurus and Libra: Blue candle.

Casting candle magic spells is common in the Wiccan religion, although many other types of people are interested in candle magic as well. Spells can be cast for yourself or on behalf of someone else, although it is never recommended to cast a spell on someone without their permission.

Blue candle governs relations with the beloved person in general. It symbolizes unions, reconciliations, passion, jealousy, love and hate. So it is the best candle for love disappointments or family or friendly problems.

Along with this it also represents the pleasure of living, pushing the person forward in a joyful and satisfying way. With regard to health, it has the ability to protect the brain, nape, vocal cords, teeth, tongue, throat, and taste.

It is the candle of Taurus and Libra, symbol the first of material well-being and the balance between sentimental and the reason the second.
Candle Magic Spells Taurus and Libra

Both signs are governed by Venus, planet corresponding to the blue candle related to love and friendship.

When using the blue candle we must make it a Friday, a day devoted to love and lovers. The time to light it will be the sixth from the time of sunrise.

Before we begin, we will write on a white paper with blue ink the name of the archangel of the candle, the archangel Anael.

In another white paper we will write with blue ink the number six, the number that points us the way of the harmony and the beauty.

Then we will pronounce the following sentence:

I am addressing you, Heavenly Father, in the name of your son the archangel Anael, and I beg of your great love towards us your beloved children, that it becomes possible ... (here we will explain our desire or request) Thank you, blessed be your name, for ever and ever. Amen

If we want to make our ritual with the blue candle more effective we can use more elements that have a magical relationship with it.

It will be enough to have them present while we perform the ritual.

As a mineral we can use lapis lazuli as a flower and in this case also as a perfume lilacs, spinach as a plant - especially for people with circulation problems - and copper as metal.

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