August 31, 2016

Astro Wiki: LeAnn Rimes birth chart zodiac- you deny or ignore your own emotional needs.

Wiki: Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian (born August 28, 1982; Jackson, Mississippi, United States), known professionally as LeAnn Rimes, is an American singer.

She is the only child of Wilbur Rimes and Belinda Butler. By age nine, Rimes was an experienced singer. She toured nationally with her father and also regularly performed a cappella renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner" at the opening of the Dallas Cowboys football games.

In 2007, Rimes began hosting the Colgate Country Showdown, a nationwide televised country music talent competition, similar to that of American Idol or Nashville Star. In 2011, Rimes hosted the show for her fifth consecutive year, when the show switched sponsorship, to Texaco.

On December 27, 2010, it was announced via Billboard that Rimes and Cibrian were engaged. Rimes and Cibrian wed on April 22, 2011, at a private home in California.
LeAnn Rimes birth chart zodiac report

Celebrity astrology: LeAnn Rimes birth chart zodiac forecast. VIRGO sign.

Sun in 10th house prediction:

Your career, reputation, and public image are very important to you. You have a strong desire to be influential or make your mark on the world.

The merely personal sphere does not satisfy you; your ambitions include making a major contribution and receiving broad recognition for your unique effort and gifts. You may undervalue the personal or inner side of life.

Sun Square Uranus:

Impulsive, restless, and spontaneous, your life is apt to be somewhat unstable and full of sudden changes. You are extremely independent and crave excitement, adventure, freedom, and discovery.

August 30, 2016

GEMINI TAROT CARD READING 2017: Ten of Cups. Promise of emotional Fulfillment and a peaceful family life.

2017 Gemini Tarot Oracle Meanings There is promise of emotional Fulfillment and a peaceful family life. Harmony and Abundance will be your lot.

This tarot card represents the completion of the cycle. Could indicate a safe haven and a promise of more to come.

There will be a realization of of personal hopes and dreams. Permanent and lasting success. True friendships, lasting happiness and security. Generosity and kindness. Happy Family Life.

You are likely to have beneficial contacts with other people, and have positive feelings come up for you in regard to important interpersonal relationships during the approximately week-long period of time this transit is in effect.

You may have so much physical energy that you need to seek an outlet for it in sports or related activities.

2017 Gemini tarot card meaning  Travel is another urge that may come over you at this time. Overall, you will find you have much greater energy than usual, and your renewed sense of optimism may give you great clarity of purpose.

There are lots of choices being offered you and you are now trying to decide which to take or where to go.  A feeling of powerlessness, inadequacy, or even bewilderment is indicated.

There is need to sort things out so that a confusing issued can be resolved. Business can take an upward swing and there will be gains in your finances.  There will be a tendency to escape from responsibilities.

Gemini 2017 TAROT Forecast Feelings of restlessness may come up for you during this period of time.

During this period, you are very conscious of your urge for freedom, or your need to find your own unique individual expression of yourself.

You will also feel a renewed sense of connection to higher purpose in terms of your values generally.

And of course, love and romance will be given an extra boost right now, which can make for very pleasant time for you.

Gemini 2017 TAROT horoscope prediction A new business partnership will be opened to you. A marriage, union, or new living arrangement will also be proposed.

You will advance toward your goals. 

Astrology LOVE advice. Be selfish - it's good for both, you and your partner.

It benefits your relationship if you stand by yourself and leave egoism win sometimes?

Researchers from the University of Arizona are having studied and investigated various couples come to the conclusion that it pays to be a bit selfish in the relationship.

Do not sacrifice yourself

Scientists believe that if you constantly sacrifice yourself for your partner, and take tasks on your shoulders like maybe heard better at his will perform the tasks of an angry and stressed mind.

This may lead to a major conflict or internal unrest with you.

Do you have the night before talking about who should do the dishes or pick up the kids at. 15 throughout this week, and you just caved in, and said that it should you got enough to do, even if you know that you have nothing left for the dishes, or that you will have to go earlier in the work to pick up the kids, your partner will not perceive it as something you do not actually want or profits.

astrology LOVE advice be selfish

Why should he? You sent the signal that it was not the big problem.

August 29, 2016

Love Astrology wiki: 5 signs that you are in a rebound relationship

See here if your relationship is a rebound relationship. When you've just come out of a relationship, one might be tempted to go straight from one relationship to another and more loosely conditions.

But such a relationship often ends up being a "rebound relationship", ie a relationship you are only in order to move on after your ex.

Sometimes these conditions fine, but they can also end up with both you and your rebound girlfriend sitting back after a break and have it worse than before.

1. It was never intended that your relationship would be long lasting

Probably the most classic signs of a rebound relationship.

You dating a new, and even if you like cosiness and attention a new girlfriend brings into your life, you know very well that he will never be "the one".
5 signs that you are in a rebound relationship

There is nothing wrong in being compared, one might not know they have great prospects, but it increases your sensibility and sensitivity if you go into such a relationship right after you and your ex-broke up.

2. You call your partner when you are lonely, but forget him when you are happy

Another classic sign of a rebound relationship is when you only call your girlfriend when you feel alone, sad or empty.

LIBRA October 2016 Lucky Numbers Numerology Chart Analysis.

Monthly Lucky Numbers Numerology forecast. LIBRA October 2016 the Wheel of Fortune. 

You are a very kind and loving person, warm and affectionate. Unkindness or cruelty upsets you very much, and you appreciate people who, like yourself, are considerate and thoughtful. You can succeed in an area that requires personal care and attention.

Your desire to make a fresh start, to take the initiative and strike out on your own, is a powerful drive right now. Your physical energy, will, and courage are intensified.

You need to develop calmness, centeredness, and an acceptance of life.  You must control your
moods and not slip into feelings of self-pity and insecurity.

At the same time, you are very competitive and have the opportunity to achieve success and financial reward

October 2016 Lucky Numbers Numerology Chart for LIBRA. Daily Lucky numbers for October 2016 are:

October 2016 day  1:    9       3      27    (21)  
LIBRA October 2016 Lucky Numbers Numerology Chart
October 2016 day  2:    1       4      28    (22)    (10)  
October 2016 day  3:    2       5      29    (23)    (11)  
October 2016 day  4:    3       6      30    (24)  
October 2016 day  5:    4       7      31    (25)  
October 2016 day  6:    5       8      23    (17)  
October 2016 day  7:    6       9      24    (18)  
October 2016 day  8:    7       1      25    (19)    (10)  
October 2016 day  9:    8       2      26    (20)  
October 2016 day 10:    9       3      27    (21)  
October 2016 day 11:    1       4      28    (22)   (10)